Eugene Field Elementary

Eugene Elementary School

“Reach for the Stars!”
This 2013-2014 school year will be out of this world!  Together, we will Reach for the Stars!Every year at Eugene Field, we set school-wide goals for the year.  We work diligently everyday to reach those goals.
  • Our first building goal is attendance.  Our goal this year is every student having AT LEAST 90% attendance for the year.  Kids cannot learn if they are not in school.  As a result, students will only be allowed to miss 6 days in a semester.  School attendance is extremely important, and we are going to work hard to help each and every student reach our goal.
  • Our second building goal is to provide reading & math enrichment opportunities for all students.  We want 90% of all students reading on or above grade level.  We will continue with GROWL time 8:09-8:45 for reading, and all students will be assigned to a group that will meet their individual reading needs.  For math, each grade level will be providing extra enrichment time during the day to provide students with individual math needs.
  • Our third building goal is to have 90% of all students with no office referrals.  We implemented the Eugene Field Be Attitudes:  Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe at the beginning of the 09-10 school year.  For the last four years, we have taught students what those expectations look like in the classroom, in the bathroom, in the cafeteria, in the hallways, on the playground, and on the bus.  For the 2013-2014 school year, we will continue to teach those school-wide expectations (you will be hearing the term PBIS-Positive Behavior Interventions and Support throughout the year).  We will use Conscious Discipline and PBIS as our tools to help students make positive choices and be successful at school.
We will also continue with the great things we already do at Eugene Field.  We will continue to effectively implement the Professional Learning Community (PLC) concept into our culture.  We will continue with the Houghton Mifflin reading series, the Everyday math series, the Debbie Diller Lit & Math stations, and the Lucy Calkins writing series.  We will be aligning our resources with Common Core Standards and working to increase the level of rigor in our learning.  Finally, we will continue with our excellent parent involvement, which includes PTO and Watch D.O.G.S.We have high expectations for students, because we know a strong foundation is necessary to life-long success.  We will work diligently every day to provide every student with opportunities to be successful, life-long learners!          WE WILL REACH FOR THE STARS!! 
Here is our EF team:
Principal:  Christine Harper
Assistant Principal:  Melissa Chastain
Kindergarten:  Jennifer Clouse, Rachel Howell, Kristin Jenkins, Julie Robinson
1st Grade: Mindy Hudson, Alexandra Stuckenschneider, Allison Tveitnes, Kelly Whalen
2nd Grade:  Christy Alexander, Lorie Meyer, Susan Ransom, Michelle Whanger
3rd Grade:  Amanda Jenkins, Carey Knipfel, Jessie Mommens
4th Grade:  Bryan Green, Ann Runge, Tori Webber
5th Grade:  Beth Butcher, Julie Mantle, Alicia Saunders
Specials:  Deb Hall, Jackiesue Hoskins, Brandon Schafer, Jenni Shoemaker, Georganna Tomkins
Special Ed:  Erin Polson, Kerri Smith, Amy Willis
Title I:  Nancy Baker, Mary Beardslee
Counselor:  Amy Auwarter
ISS/FIC:  Daniel Nunnelly
Office Staff:  Liz Lauer, Jonie Walser
Nurse:  Lynda Thurman
Recess Aide:  Steffany Ingebritson
Paraprofessionals: Renee Alksnis, Liti Duncan, Karen Marlow, Erin Paden, Samantha Swaim
Custodians:  Jimmy Adams, Basil Brown, Jerry Curtis
Cafeteria:  Charlotte Iman, Pam Jacobi, Terri Moore, Emaly Stinnett