Eugene Field Elementary


“Learning is Our Superpower”

Eugene Field Elementary School is a student-centered partnership of staff, family, students, and community dedicated to a vision of becoming an environment…

v  That teaches and practices appropriate social and behavioral skills
v  That ensures academic and personal success for all
v  That develops self-motivated, lifelong learners

The faculty and staff at Eugene Field are committed to this vision.

In order to ensure that all Eugene Field Students become “superhero learners”, teachers will provide effective instruction aligned with district curriculum.  Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop will be the tools used to teach communication arts, and Everyday Math will be used to teach mathematics.  This year, students will be utilizing student data binders to set goals, track progress, and reflect on their learning.

At Eugene Field, we also believe that good behavior is a “superpower”.  We will help students to live like “superheroes” as we continue to implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  We want our students to strive to make good choices and follow the school Be Attitudes:

v  Be a Learner

v  Be Responsible

v  Be Respectful

v  Be Safe

We believe every student has a “superhero” inside them waiting to be discovered.  We are very excited about this school year and the opportunity to work with the students and families at Eugene Field!

  Eugene Field