A+ announces education grants

A+ announces education grants
Posted on 11/15/2019
The A+ for Mexico Education Mini-grant program recently awarded 19 grants to teachers in the Mexico schools. This year's grant monies totaled $20,305.76.  Each year teachers from the eight local buildings are given the opportunity to apply for up to $3,000 for a classroom grant  This year's program received 41 grant applications which were then rated independently by three anonymous readers. The names of the schools and teachers are removed from the grants when submitted to the committee.

Funding for the grants are provided by individual donors, businesses, local foundations and the United Way.  This program is unique to Mexico and was started in 1991 by a group of citizens who wanted to support our teachers and their classroom needs.

The following grants were approved for funding:
Spanish Language Classroom Library -- Mexico High School-Jennifer Warbritton: Spanish Class
The grant will allow the purchase of Spanish language mini novels on six different reading levels to accommodate all levels of Spanish.  
Hooked on a Book Series Reading Fluency--Eugene Field—Lori Younker: Early Literacy
This book series includes a complex array of skills that will assist students in the improvement of their reading and comprehension skills.
Making Fractions Real Through Modeling--Eugene Field & Hawthorne – Elaine Hansett: Math
The fraction kits will assist 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers to model lessons so students will have a positive experience with math.
21 Days from Egg to Chick--St. Brendan –Michelle Crawford: Kindergarten
Students will be engaged in learning how a chick develops over 21 days through candling of the eggs and they will learn how to take care of their chicks once they hatch.
Open Books, Open Mind—Mexico Middle School– Stacey Ellison: English
Through reading of novels, students will gain insight into characters their own age, with differences and the choices others make to gain understanding and kindness toward each other.  
LocoRobo Voyager--Hart Career Center – Amy Harris: Computer Science
The Voyager is designed for classroom use and is a natural progression from Robotics I to Robotics II as students learn how the programs they write would apply to the field of drone piloting and robotics.
Growing into the Art--St. Brendan – Rachael Kerr: Pre-K-8 Art
Children will learn about color, perspective and balance., and will demonstrate growth in mindset as they move from concept to completion of projects while using their critical thinking skills.
Archery 101--St. Brendan –Shannon Graziano: Physical Education
Students will learn a step-by-step method of drawing a bow and shooting.   
Graphic by Nature--Mexico Middle School—Julie Duncan: ELA
Graphic novels would be used in class to challenge and engage new or reluctant readers with the ultimate goal of improving the reading and comprehension skills of the students.
The Little Einsteins--St. Brendan – Brandi Cross: PreschoolPreschool children would be provided with science related materials that would assist with critical thinking, investigating and forming hypotheses.   
Using Team Collaboration and Prove Individual Skills--Mexico Middle School –Becky Schafer: Math
The Classroom Escape will give students the opportunity to work in teams and use the math content that has been covered in a lesson and take it to another level of problem solving to work through an Escape.
Exploring the Arts-- St. Brendan—Selena Ramsey: Pre-K Children will express themselves creatively, emotionally, and socially as they use musical instruments and model with clay and Play-Doh.  
Ready to Learn--McMillan – Janet Tate: Pre-K
Sensory and fine motor tools will be provided to promote regulation, improve focus, increase participation, and assist students with learning.  
Understanding Math Using Math Manipulatives--Hawthorne—Robin Friedrich, Brandon Eick, Mariah Medina, Miriam Hyde: Math
Math manipulative are used to assist students with understanding math skills in a concrete, pictorial and conceptual way.  
Let’s Take the Lead and Everyone Read!--Eugene Field – Sue Nixon: Title I
The school wide program will focus on reading and family literacy by everyone reading two books during the year and discussing the books.  Families will be asked to set aside time for three weeks and read together.
Fluency with Firsties--Hawthorne –Emily Dodd, Jessica Brown, Alex Stuckenschneider: First Grade
Students will be given a project to work on with multiple solutions and they will have to differentiate between the information presented and a possible solution.  
It Pays to Play--St. Brendan – Selena Ramsey: Pre-K  
During intentional play the teachers are in the learning centers with the students to help facilitate the play as they promote the children's problem-solving skills by modeling proper social interactions and giving the children proper words to use; hands-on materials will be used.
Sensory Tools in a Regular Classroom--Hawthorne –Robin Friedrich: Fifth Grade
Sensory tools will be used to promote regulation, improved focus, and increased participation in classroom settings during whole group or individual instruction.  
The Cozy Classroom--St. Brendan – Brandi Cross: Preschool
Students will be provided with an area to build fine motor abilities, basic life skills and social concepts in the classroom to help build communication skills, conflict resolution, and basic abilities that they will use through life.

A+ board president Chris Webber( right)  is pictured above presenting the grants to  school administrators (from left to right)
 Dr. Zach Templeton, MPS Superintendent
Melissa Chastain,(Hawthorne)
Anne Billington, (McMillan)
Deb Haag  (MMS)
Chris Denham,(Hart Career Center)
Amber Crane, (Eugene Field)
Kathryn Coulson (St. Brendan's)
(Not pictured: Brad Ellebracht-MHS)