Marching Band prioritizes inclusiveness

Marching Band prioritizes inclusiveness
Posted on 09/21/2020

September 21, 2020 - A few months ago, two Facebook petitions circulated regarding the name of the Mexico High School marching band. 


The Mexico School District strives for continuous improvement in all instructional programs. We understand over time, changes may be necessary and are in fact, likely. The high school band name was adapted from Mexico High School Band to “Dixie Gray,” to mark its place in history as part of the location of the “little dixie” region of the state. Previously, the high school marching band was an audition-only varsity band. Currently, the MHS band prides itself on being an inclusive community, representing the high school student population as a marching band. 


During band camp in July, band directors met band students by class (senior, junior, sophomore, freshmen) to examine the name, give students a chance to share opinions, and offer support of student discussions in smaller groups, if needed. While MHS has not officially changed the band name, the students were empowered to provide input demonstrating representation for their 2020 band, the Mexico High School Marching Band. 


This fall, the band will modify its letterheads and announcements at football games. By next fall (2021) the band will revise shirt designs and subsequently re-paint the band trailer.  

An important part of the band, and any school group represented by Mexico 59, is that the students and staff involved provide respect and acceptance for others in all interactions. High school band director Josh Yancey added, “When our band goes anywhere, we want their talent to make the statement, not what is printed on the band trailer or the t-shirts.”


Mexico High values the diversity of our student population and strives to create an environment where all students feel safe and valued.