Benefits of Attending Summer School for Your Child

Benefits of Attending Summer School for Your Child
Posted on 04/14/2021

Benefits of Attending Summer School for Your Child


It is hard to believe there are less than 30 days of school left in the 2020-2021 school year!  Summer is quickly approaching and so is the first day of summer school.  The Mexico School District will be offering summer school starting Tuesday, June 1 through Friday, June 25.  Summer school is offered for students enrolling in grades Kindergarten through 12th (grade level is the grade your student will be enrolling in for the next school year).  Grades Kindergarten through 2nd will be located at Hawthorne Elementary, grades 3rd through 5th will be at Eugene Field Elementary, Grades 6th-8th will be at the Middle School, and grades 9th through 12th will be at the High School.  Elementary and Middle School students will attend school from 7:54 to 3:15.  High School summer classes are divided into two sessions:  7:45-11:15 and 11:45-3:15.   


When making the decision to enroll your student in summer school, there are things you might want to consider.  Are you looking for enrichment opportunities for your student?  Does your student need practice in certain subjects?  Has your high school student failed a class and needs summer school in order to recover the credit?  Would your student benefit from social opportunities with peers?  Summer school can be a great way for students to achieve the goals needed to be successful academically and socially/emotionally.  


There are many benefits of attending summer school for your child.  Summer school is a great way for students to get ahead and take advantage of the many benefits that summer classes offer.  Summer school may be the perfect choice for the following benefits:

  • Minimize summer learning loss:  Research shows that students forget some of the things they learned in the previous school year during the summer months.  Summer school provides an opportunity for students to continue to read and practice educational skills over the summer break.  Taking summer classes can significantly minimize the summer learning loss that often takes place.  
  • Boost personal growth and social development:  Summer school can help your student develop socially.  Summer school provides students the opportunity to interact, communicate, and cooperate with peers and teachers in a unique learning environment.  
  • Academic enrichment:  During summer school students are provided with academic enrichment opportunities, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and skills.  
  • Intervention activities and support:  During summer school intervention activities and support are available for students who might need extra learning opportunities in certain areas.  
  • Less distraction and better focus:  Enrolling in summer school can be a great option for students who learn better when taking fewer classes.  


To enroll your student, so they can enjoy all the benefits of summer school, you can register online by going to the district website at and click the red summer school button located on the right hand side of our website.  You may also call any one of our schools or Central Office to request a paper enrollment form be sent home with your child.  Questions an/or inquiries regarding summer school should be directed to Ms. Chastain’s office at 573-581-3773 x2404.  


At Mexico Public Schools we are excited to provide an opportunity for students to enhance and enrich their learning during summer school.  We look forward to working with you and your child this summer!