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Is It Plugged In?
Posted on 09/20/2021

Is It Plugged In?
By Christine Harper

            Let’s start with a funny.  “My grandma just asked me if her new laptop will get too heavy if she downloads too many files from the internet.”  Right now, every IT person reading this is rolling their eyes, nodding their heads, and chuckling, because it’s true.  In my 25 years in education, we went from almost having to shut down school because the risograph wasn’t working to we were able to shut down school and teach from home with the click of a button!  What I’m saying is, with the tremendous advances in technology, IT folks are critical positions in education.

            September 21st is National IT Professionals Day, and we at Mexico Public Schools are so fortunate to have an incredible IT department.  As someone who started her career using a risograph and is now a grandma and a communications person for the district, I absolutely appreciate the endless work our IT department does and everything they have helped me with in the few months I’ve been here.  I’m sure I speak for people across the district when I say that these folks are invaluable.

            I wanted to get a general idea of what an IT department does, so I Googled it (I’ve actually known how to do that for a few years now.).  I’m not sure I have enough room in this article to list everything they do.  According to, some of the traditional functions are 1) Coordinate and supervise the installation, maintenance, and support of existing and new servers, systems and networks. 2) To configure, install, and maintain the network hardware and software of the school. 3) To create and maintain a system for backing up data and program files. 4) To ensure integrity of the network by continually updating network system security to provide for latest protection against viruses and other types of network vulnerabilities. 5) To keep an inventory of equipment, computers, software licenses, and others. 6) To manage the district’s hardware and software. 7) To assist faculty and staff with professional technology-based computer hardware and software inquiries. 8) Provide preventive and corrective maintenance to equipment.

            Whew! In our district, our IT department is a team of three taking care of seven buildings, almost 400 staff, and approximately 2400 students.  Needless to say, this is a daunting job.  Yet, our IT gals make it look easy.  Not only do they do everything listed above, they also install and maintain the phone system district-wide, assist staff with the copiers, assist the Maintenance department with the installation and upkeep of cameras, assist the librarians with their software, and have worked over the last two years to get MMS and MHS one-to-one (meaning all students have a Chromebook to use).   Not to mention answering the 641 questions I seem to have on a daily basis.

Would MPS be able to function without our IT department? I really don’t think so.  These ladies go above and beyond in what they do and definitely deserve our thanks! I know my job is easier because of the hard work they put in on a daily basis!