2022 Summer School

2022 Summer School is Just Around the Corner
Posted on 04/27/2022

2022 Summer School Is Just Around the Corner
By: Christine Harper

            When I typed the title of this article, I really couldn’t believe what I was typing!  It is so hard to believe that we are at this point in the year to talk about 2022 Summer School.  But it is, and it will be here before you know it.  In fact, online registration opened April 4th for parents to get their kiddos signed up for Summer School.  Kindergarten through 2nd Grade will be at Hawthorne, Third through Fifth Grade at Eugene Field, middle school at MMS, and high school at MHS.  Summer School will run May 31st-June 24th, with the 24th being a half day.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided for FREE.

At Hawthorne, students entering Kindergarten (for the 2022-2023 school year) will study animals: different kinds, where they live, etc.  Kindergarten students will use reading, writing, spelling, listening, and speaking skills while they explore animals from near and far.  First graders will have themed lessons and activities.  Some of these themes are camping, sports, the beach, experimental science, and traveling around the world.  In Second Grade, students will be traveling through the neighborhoods of new worlds, solving mysteries, learning new fairy tales, and learning new cultures.  All lessons and activities are designed to not only spark interests but enhance reading, writing, math and listening skills.

  Third through Fifth Graders at Eugene Field will be placed in a homeroom class where they will enhance reading, writing, math, and science skills through a theme-based approach.  Some of those themes include camping, fishing, video games, veterinary work, science experiments, cooking, and many more.  Students will stay with a homeroom teacher for 5-6 days before rotating to a different teacher for a new experience.  Students will not need to sign up for electives as these fun activities will be included in their classes.

 At MMS, students will have Core Enrichment Classes and PE from 7:54-1:00 with lunch during that time as well.  Core classes include reading, math, science and social studies.  From 1:05-3:00, students will be in elective classes.  The electives include 6th Grade Orientation, cooking, crafts, fishing, interactive games, Missouri Hunter Safety, outdoor rec, painting, roller skating, swimming, woodworking, and YMCA.  Students will experience four elective classes during the month of Summer School.

High school Summer School looks a little different.  There are two sessions offered to high school students and each session, if successfully completed, is worth ½ credit.  Courses offered during the sessions include Health (9-12), Credit Recovery (10-12), Summer School PE (9-12), Personal Finance (10-12), Exploring the Foundations of Art (9-12), and Exploring Fashion and Sewing (9-12).  By utilizing Summer School to earn credits, students then have opportunities to take other classes during the regular school year that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to take.

Summer School is a great and fun opportunity to enrich those academic skills needed to make life a little easier.  It is a fun way for incoming Kindergarteners to get used to a full day of school and learn how to be a student.   Incoming sixth graders get the opportunity to learn what life will look like at MMS for the coming school year.  It’s a month of fun and learning that you don’t want to miss!