Taking the Learning Outside of the Classroom

Taking the Learning Outside of the Classroom
Posted on 05/18/2022

Taking the Learning Outside of the Classroom
By:  Robin Friedrich

  There’s something about the smell of freshly popped popcorn that has you ready for a taste. That smell has been part of a tradition of Eugene Field 2nd grade for the past 20 years.

Popcorn Mania is just one example of the awesome things happening in 2nd grade across the district. Here at Mexico Public Schools, teachers are always finding ways to enhance the quality of student learning.

One enrichment program all 2nd grade students are involved in are monthly library field trips. At the beginning of the year, students receive a library card and go to the public library. Students are presented with a themed lesson, read aloud, or activity that typically goes along with the month. Students are then able to check out 3 library books to take back to school with them. At the end of the year students will get to take their library card home in hopes to continue checking out library books. This is a great opportunity for students to begin to be a part of the community.

Another extra opportunity given to second graders is a visit from First State Community Bank. They learn the importance of having a savings account and how they can start our own savings account at the bank. They also learn about earning interest using real money! The kids were excited to count with real quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. At the end, the bank provided each student their own piggy bank. Money is a very important skill learned in 2nd grade and this enrichment adds even more to that learning.

This year the second graders were able to take a trip to Mark Twain Memorial Shrine in Florida Missouri. Students spent the day learning about Mark Twain and how he lived during his time in Missouri. They were able to take a storybook walk along a trail, learn all about chores he did, including making butter, and playing a lot of games similar to what Mark Twain wrote about in some of his books. At the end, they learned all about the river boat and were able to end their trip by ringing the bell and blowing the whistle.

Finally, Popcorn Mania is a tradition in the community at Eugene Field. Students work hard all year long to prepare for this business. They have learned all about the economics of a small business, gotten a loan from the bank and paid off the loan. They have learned about the responsibilities of having jobs and the joy of giving to charities and two local high school senior scholarships! As if that isn’t awesome enough, they are using locally grown popcorn!

Here at Mexico Public Schools we are always creating opportunities for students to learn through a different lens outside of the classroom.  These opportunities give students a chance to learn about a part of Missouri history, to experience local resources at their fingertips and to prepare for their future.