Promethean Information

I always recommend Learn Promethean as the place to start.  It has hundreds of videos, online courses, and articles to help with every aspect of our Promethean products and solutions.  The video tutorials are especially helpful as they are short and broken up into specific aspects of the ActivPanel so you can pick and choose which you want to tackle first or go back for reference! 


Other Popular Promethean Resources:

Online Learning Courses:  Receive Certificates and learn more about all things Promethean.

Student Engagement Guide:  A critical component of academic success, student engagement initiatives will play a defining role in this next chapter in education.

ActivInspire Resources:  Gather tools on vast resources to create and deliver dynamic lessons.

ActivInspire Resource Library:  Browse a number of flipcharts to inspire your lessons.

ClassFlow Resources:  ClassFlow is a cloud-based lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement. 

Please feel free to reach out any time with questions. 

Don't forget to check out the Free Virtual Trainings that Promethean puts on each summer. 

If you missed Camp Promethean 2022, or just want to rewatch your favorites, you can access recordings of sessions through the Promethean Interactive platform. (Please note some sessions may be temporarily unavailable.) 
Check out to register and take some of the self-paced courses they offer online. All of these resources will help you feel more comfortable.

Want to see the new Promethean panel in action, check out the Introduction to the Titanium ActivPanel YouTube Link, by clicking here.