A Letter to My High School Self

A Letter to My High School Self
Posted on 04/05/2023

A Letter to My High School Self
By: Rebecca Moppin, Ed.S
College & Career Advisor
Mexico High School

Spring is here! With the greening of the grass and the blooming of the flowers comes another season…graduation season. Very soon we will be sending another MHS class off into the world with good lucks and best wishes as they close a chapter, maybe even a book, and start another. If you could write a letter to your Senior self, what would it say? How about if you could write a letter to your high school self?

Dear Freshman Self, I want to tell you to take opportunities to grow and develop, not only as a learner but as a person. High school is meant to prepare you for a world no one knows about, so learn, grow, adjust…and then learn some more. The next four years will pass quickly. You will blink and be walking across the stage as a graduate. Learn new things, meet new people, get involved and start to think about what comes after high school. Start to make a plan. It’s easier to get there if you have a path. It’s okay to fail if you can fail forward. You will come out stronger in the end.

Oh my sophomore self. Goodness, you think you know it all when you are a sophomore. Let me tell you, you don’t. Learn from others, more importantly, learn to sit and listen. There is a lot of noise out there that will work its way in if you let it. Your mental game needs to be strong. Believe it or not sophomore self, one day soon, you will learn that Mom and Dad actually do know what they are talking about. Sorry Mom and Dad for my sophomore self. Keep pushing yourself but take time to make memories, in three short years, that’s all you have when you graduate.

Hello junior self! Look at you, getting a job, getting your license, going to prom. How did you get here so fast? You were just a freshman not that long ago. Now you are a leader, an upperclassman, people are starting to notice your actions, starting to ask what your plans are for after high school…remember the path you are on. Stay the course, define it a little more if you can and appreciate the day to day. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them, especially that haircut from ‘93…wow, you will regret that when the yearbook is published.

Dear Senior Self, you made it. This is it. The end of a chapter, the end of book. There are lots of decisions to be made, big ones. Do the best you can with who you are now. It’ll all be okay in the end. Ask questions to those who have already been there. Seek the mentors to help you get over the bridge from HS to post-HS. I promise you no one wants you to fail. Be strong, there will be a lot of goodbyes, and some see ya laters, but cherish every one of them because they helped make you who you are. Own your path. You’ve nurtured it and watched it grow for four years. Be proud of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. There are going to be bumps, there are going to be setbacks but you have an army of supporters that have gotten you to this point. We will always be here. We are MHS. We are Mexico. We are Bulldogs. Go do great things.