Media Inquiries
Reporters and news personnel should direct all media inquiries to the District Communications Office at [email protected] or (573) 581-3773 ext 2409. 

School Cancellations & Closings
Information available here. 

Climate & Culture Surveys: Fall 2023
Board approved November 2023

The Mexico School District collected feedback through a climate and culture survey on October 16-31, 2023. Stakeholders included: all staff, all parents, and students in grades 5, 8, and 11. 

DESE requires a survey as part of the school's Annual Performance Report (APR), which is used to inform accreditation and classification decisions. The APR is part of MSIP6, the state's accountability system for reviewing and accrediting Missouri schools and outlines expectations for school practices and student outcomes with the goal of each student graduating ready for success in college, career, and life. 

Survey results by stakeholder group, as well as a survey overview, are available here

Comprehensive Communications Plan
Board approved November 2023

The mission of the Communications Program is to support Mexico School District’s journey with continuous improvement and excellence by promoting transparent and strategic communication, fostering parent and community connections, and extending our reach to hear the voices of all stakeholders to have a positive impact on all Mexico students. The program will present the school accurately to stakeholders while striving to eliminate rumors and misinformation, observe confidentiality, and other restrictions imposed by law and Board policy.

*Communication is a primary function of leadership and a responsibility of all employees of the district.

*Effective communication supports teaching and learning and increases student achievement. 

*Well-informed employees and citizens are effective ambassadors for developing broad community support. 

*Open, ongoing two-way communication is critical to maintaining public relationships.

*District communication strategies must reflect the District’s mission and vision. 

*Using various sources and strategies enhances the District’s communication ability effectively and thoroughly.