A Caring Comeback: Fall re-entry plan

As a community, we are facing a global pandemic never before seen in any of our lifetimes. The impact on our school family has been significant. Unfortunately, we are uncertain what each day will bring so we are making the best decisions for the moment with guidance from state, local, and national health and science experts. 

The top priority for the Mexico School District remains the education of our students. Additionally, we recognize the importance of implementing reasonable precautions to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students, employees, and community members. 

We envision this plan as a fluid document, changing as the circumstances dictate. Please continue to check this website for more information. 

Updated Caring Comeback Plan: December 2, 2020
Originally released July 31, 2020
Mask Mandate - Frequently Asked Questions
Released December 4, 2020

Regresando a la escuela

Escuelas Públicas de Mexico -  Distrito 59, Requisito de máscaras