Bids & Request for proposal

October 28, 2019

Mexico School District #59 is requesting sealed bid proposals for Foundation and Waterproofing work at Hawthorne Elementary, 1250 W. Curtis, Mexico, Missouri as per enclosed specifications. Contractors are responsible for exact measurements. 

Prior to being awarded the bid, contractors must provide a performance bond, certificates of liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and an affidavit indicating that they are a registered business with the Missouri Secretary of State.  Bidder is to certify that their proposal is genuine and not made in the interest of or on the behalf of any undisclosed person or entities.  This bid must be good for 90 days.

Sealed bids must be received on or before 1:00 pm Tuesday November 12, 2019, addressed to:

Mexico School District #59
Foundation and Waterproofing
Attn:  Bethany Collins
2101 Lakeview
Mexico, MO  65265 

The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and accept that bid which appears to be in the best interest of the School District.  The Board reserves the right to waive any informality in any bid, or to reject any or all bids, or any part of any bid.  Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time for the opening of bids.  Any bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered.  All proposals received become part of the District’s file.

It is the policy of the Mexico School District in making purchases to give preference to and encourage the purchase of all commodities manufactured, mined, produced or grown with the municipality, county and state, and to all firms, corporations, or individuals doing business as Missouri firms, corporations, or individuals, when quality and price are approximately the same.  It is further the policy of the school district to encourage the purchase of products manufactured, assembled or produced in the United States.

The District shall have the right to enter into negotiations in an effort to reduce the amount of the bid with the lowest responsible bidder should the lowest responsible bidder’s bid exceed the funds available.

The Mexico Board of Education approves payment of all bills at its regularly scheduled meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month.  Penalties imposed requiring payment prior to the aforementioned time will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Curtis Jackson at 573-581-3773 ext. 2424.

Foundation & Waterproofing
Hawthorne Elementary
1250 W. Curtis
Mexico, MO 65265
1. Acquire appropriate permits and engineering per local building code and locate all utilities prior to scheduled start date. Contractor takes responsibility for repairing any damage occurring to a private utility line during installation.

2. Remove and replace sections of concrete pad. (All new concrete is required to have ½” rebar, drilled and pinned).

3. Excavate to base of foundation in area of repair.  Install wall covering on excavated area of foundation wall prior to backfill.

4. Install 14 steel pier(s) to support and stabilize foundation.

5. Install supplemental beam with joist assist brackets inside tunnel under bathroom.

6. Install underground downspouts drains on N/W & N/E corners (3 total).
Seed and straw area.