Classroom Relay Management

Here is the basic information you must know to make this work! Please continue to read if you use Chromebooks in your classroom and want to monitor their screens!
You have to be logged into Google Chrome as yourself for this to work!! 
One of the first things you need to know is you have to have a Google Classroom set up with your current students invited and accepted into your classroom.   Once your Google Classroom is set up, you can invite the students.  The students will then log in to Google Classroom and Click Join to the new Google Classroom you set up. (There is a way to link sisk12 with your Google Classroom if you are interested you can view this document.  This will link assignments and your roster to Google Classroom hopefully automatically.  This is more for the Middle School, High School, and Career Center)
You must wait 24 hours for the classes to sync from Google Classroom to Classroom Relay.  Or you can click on Class Settings and choose to resync, you can do that once an hour, so if you have a new student you can get them in there right away
To access Classroom Relay go to:
You will need to log in with your school email account, username your email, ex: [email protected]and then enter your email password.  Each night Relay will sync with Google Classroom to upload new classes and students.  You will have to set up each class with your class schedule by clicking the Configure Schedule button
After you set the schedule you will only see their activity from the time you set it.  So if your class is from 8:08 a.m. to 8:59 a.m. you will only see what those students are doing at that time. This is very important to do and be specific, if you choose the schedule to be all day, then you will limit other teachers from seeing that student's activity and will force other teachers to manually check in the students.
After you get it set up there are a few things you can do.  
  1. You can restrict access to the internet altogether and the students will see Oops, your teacher has blocked this website for now.  
  2. You can Lock the screens completely, where the students will see Locked and can't do anything on the Chromebook.
  3. You can send Need Help?, Great Job, or Are you done? to individual students, a message will pop up in the corner of the Chromebook and if you sent Need Help they click Yes, you will see that on your screen.
  4. You can lock an individual's screen by clicking their name and the lock icon.
  5. You can share a link with your students, be sure you put the whole web address in, ex. and this will pop up on the student's screens right away
  6. You can see each tab they have open at once by clicking their names, you can X out of a tab that they are not supposed to be on.
  7. When switching between students, use the X in the upper right-hand corner of the student pop out to close that student then click on the next student.  If you don't close it, and just try to click on another student it will freeze your screen and you will have to refresh it to get it back.
  8. You can view their browsing history, take screenshots as necessary
  9. Finally, you will be able to see their screens however you will have to click on each student's name to see the screens.  
    •  The Default timer is set to 45 minutes that way if you forget to release the screens, it will do it on its own as you can't have more than one person at a time viewing their screens, so when your class is done be sure to click stop so the next teacher can see their screens.  
    • This is not immediately; it has a 15-seconds refresh on it.  So every 15 seconds, you will get a screenshot of what they are doing.