2020-21 Registration

BACK TO SCHOOL:  August 26, 2020
ONLINE REGISTRATION August 3 - August 10, 2020 

Ayuda con inscripción en español 
6 y 7 de agosto 8:00-4:00 
en la escuela Hawthorne

Online registration for the 2020-21 school year will be open from Monday, August 3 at 7:30 a.m. until Monday, August 10 at 4:00 p.m. Parents of returning students should log into their Parent Portal account and click on the “Online Registration” button. Parents are reminded to click the SUBMIT button at the end to complete the process. If you do not remember the password, you can recover it by clicking “forgot password” on the login screen. 

If families need to access to a building, call in advance to make an appointment. Building staff will be available beginning Monday, August 3 from 7:30 a.m. -4:00 p.m. 

Proof of Residency: Any family who has changed their address over the summer will be asked to provide two proofs of residency. These documents can be uploaded in the parent portal or sent to a building. 

New Family Registration: New families should contact the child’s building to set up a registration time. Elementary-aged students in grades 1-5 attend Hawthorne Elementary if the student lives north of the railroad tracks and attend Eugene Field if the student lives south of the tracks. 

New families will be set up with access to the registration forms using the Parent Portal. If parents do not have a working email address, the building secretary can assist parents with registration forms. All new families will need to provide proof of residency and immunizations. Proof of age for incoming Kindergarten students is also required. 


School supply lists and immunization information are available at mexicoschools.net.  

As a community, we are facing a global pandemic never before seen in any of our lifetimes. The impact on our school family has been significant. Unfortunately, we are uncertain what each day will bring so we are making the best decisions for the moment with guidance from state, local, and national health and science experts. 

The top priority for the Mexico School District remains the education of our students. Additionally, we recognize the importance of implementing reasonable precautions to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students, employees, and community members. 

We envision this plan as a fluid document, changing as the circumstances dictate. Please continue to check this website for more information. 

View the full Caring Comeback: Bringing Bulldogs Back to School re-entry plan here. 

As announced in the Caring Comeback plan, families who do not feel comfortable sending students to school to receive in-seat instruction may enroll and participate in remote learning via Edgenuity. Edgenuity is an online education platform already utilized by the district. 

To help secure student materials and plan for a successful student experience, we are asking all requests to enroll in remote learning be completed by Friday, August 14, at 4:00 p.m. 

Students participating in remote learning will begin on August 26 and will have until September 7 to transfer back to in-seat instruction if so desired. Otherwise, students must remain in the Edgenuity program for the duration of the semester for which they were approved. Click here for more information regarding remote learning with Edgenuity and our school.

Enroll in remote learning here. Enrollment closes at 4:00 p.m. on August 14, 2020. 

McMillan Early Learning Center 573-581-5029    1101 E Anderson

Eugene Field Elementary 573-581-5268   704 W Boulevard

Hawthorne Elementary  573-581-3064  1250 W Curtis

Mexico Middle School   573-581-4664    1200 W Boulevard

Mexico High School 
573-581-4296  639 N Wade

Mexico Education Center
573-581-5684    905 N Wade