'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season
Posted on 11/21/2018
From Mrs. Amber Crane, Eugene Field Principal

As we approach the holiday season, it becomes the natural inclination of many to reflect on the people and things for which they are thankful. It is also a time that many of us feel led to give to others who may be less fortunate or find themselves in need of help. Thanksgiving, which we will celebrate on Thursday, is a special day set aside to give us all the opportunity to be both thankful and giving.

When we reflect on those people and things for which we are thankful, we often think about people who affect us personally, or the things in life that influence us personally. I want to share with you, the community, what the educators in your schools are thankful for all year long. First, and foremost, we’re thankful for the children who enter our building every day. We’re not just thankful for those who come ready to learn, but we’re also thankful for those who may be struggling academically, socially, or emotionally. We’re thankful for those children who challenge us to become better educators, to think outside the box and find strategies that will help them be successful. We’re thankful for parents and other family members who support us in our mission to provide their children with an educational experience that prepares them for life outside the walls of school. It’s parents and family members who help with homework and practice reading every evening, pick their children up later from tutoring or practice, are their biggest fans at the school musical or game, and take off work to meet with teachers and discuss their child’s progress. 

We are thankful for the Mexico community. Your support for the schools is beyond measure. Through Bright Futures, our students have lunch buddies who come to school and eat lunch with them. This time with an adult role model provides them with another positive relationship in their life. Through Bright Futures, each school has a community business partner and faith-based partner. These partners respond to student needs and support the schools in numerous ways. There are local businesses and community groups who donate items such as school supplies, coats, and shoes for the students, as well as items for school events or school fundraisers. In our community, there are those that attend school events, proudly wearing red and gray, ready to cheer on students in athletic contests, academic contests, concerts, and plays. As educators, these are some things for which we are thankful.

Giving is an act of kindness that we want to instill in our students all year long, not just during the holiday season. In the fall, Eugene Field students and their families donated over 1,600 cans of food to the Central Missouri Food Bank. After Thanksgiving, we will be having a penny drive, with the proceeds going to the Help Center. During Popcorn Mania, students experience the results of their hard work when they sponsor a senior scholarship and a Camp Barnabas camper, as well as donate to organizations such as the Humane Society. 

As we reflect upon our blessings this week, we thank you for your support of our students and school family. We believe that students who understand the importance of giving to others will, in turn, have more appreciation for what is given to them, and they will be thankful and giving.