A good year to have a good year!

It's a good year to have a good year!
Posted on 08/22/2018
Mrs. Deb Haag, MMS Principal

From Mrs. Deb Haag, MMS Principal The excitement of the first days of school are still buzzing through our hallways at Mexico Middle School!  Sixth graders are still trying to master the sometimes elusive skill of opening lockers and then finding their classroom, eighth graders are smiling from ear to ear because they are now the big fish in the sea, and seventh graders are navigating the halls like seasoned pros.  Individual signs on our students lockers, hung by members of our Bright Futures Counsel, are still proudly displayed with messages that welcome them to our #MakingMindsStronger family and encourage students to be kind, be their best, make new friends, and say hi to everyone. It is a marvelous time of year, full of blank slates and hope!

Our goal every year is that we make connections with our kids that will make them excited to come to school and ready to learn.  Luckily, we are a middle school, which means we are different from jr. high schools. Middle schools have teams of teachers who all teach the same group of kids.  Teachers meet during the week and discuss which kids on their teams are excelling, which kids may need some help, and every kid in between. In a jr. high schools students are treated more like high school students, left alone to figure out the world of 6th-8th grade. The teachers of MMS know that teaching in a school that utilizes the middle school concept is a gift; it is the one of the biggest reasons we are able to capitalize on our connections.

During back to school professional development, our teachers and faculty spent a significant amount of time reading, discussing, and planning how to make connections with kids by building solid relationships.  It was from that cherished time that the idea of the 6th grade Bulldog Tunnel came to fruition which invited parents, grandparents, and community members to form a tunnel for 6th graders to walk through as they went to their first hour class.  The sounds of the high fives and the smiles on the 6th graders faces were a sign that they knew they were where they were supposed to be - Mexico Middle School.

We want our focus of building relationships and maintaining the same “tunnel” energy to be felt throughout the year.  There are times in the school year that this is more of a challenge than others. This notion, led our teams to develop mantras to use when the challenge is greater.  As we work on our mission, “Making Minds Stronger,” team mantras are used in the face of challenges. Each team has at least one and in true middle school fashion have turned them into hashtags, they include: #WePutTheCoolInSchool, #KidsFirst, #RED-y2SIXceed, #SeeTheGoodBeTheGood, #ItsAGoodDayForAGoodDay, #EveryStudentEveryDay, #EveryoneCanTeachYouSomething, #AcceptTheThingsWeCannotChange, #MexMOPride, #KeepItSimple, and #FocusOnTheFuture.

It is a good year to have a good year!  We are thankful for our students, parents, and our community who support us! It is our honor to teach and we are committed to helping each student grow to be their best self by making connections and building relationships.