A small school with big opportunities

A small school with big opportunities
Posted on 08/15/2018
Dr. Zach Templeton, Superintendent

From Dr. Zach Templeton, Superintendent During a recent school communication workshop, a group of Mexico Public School administrators were tasked with identifying what makes our district unique. What are the characteristics that define our school system? When asked, many of our staff discussed the variety of programs offered at Mexico Public Schools, the diverse opportunities for students to get involved, and our relative success within each of our offerings. As we discussed branding that message to our community and to those within the state of Missouri, Mr. Denham, the director of Hart Career Center, came up with the tagline, “A small school with big opportunities.” In that moment, everyone agreed that he had captured the essence of Mexico Public Schools.

The students, parents, and patrons of the Mexico School District are truly lucky to have so many possibilities for participation in high-quality programs that meet a variety of student interests. The district is proud to offer clubs, organizations, athletic teams, co-curricular groups, vocational programs, academic programs, and many other opportunities for student engagement. The district continues to evaluate and add to those opportunities as interests arise, always with the intent of involving young people in their school. The literature is clear that students who are involved in activities and clubs outside of their academic studies are more likely to enjoy and succeed in school. The social inclusiveness that exists from being a member of a team or organization is a critical aspect of well-being and developing a sense of belonging.

Mexico Public School District has identified social and emotional learning as a priority for our students. The district hopes that students will develop the skills necessary to cope with difficulty, interact appropriately with others, and participate positively within the classroom and beyond. Engaging in activities outside of the classroom is one of many opportunities to develop these skills. The district hopes that every student will take advantage of one or more of the many opportunities that exist within the district. Students can participate in athletics, music, student leadership organizations like Student Council, Career and Technical Student Organizations, such as Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America and SkillsUSA, Art Club, Gaming Club, Speech and Debate, Drama, Youth in Government, Knowledge Bowl, after-school walking clubs, and so many more. There is something for every student to find their niche.

Beyond clubs and teams, the district also provides a variety of in-course offerings for students to study in areas that are interesting and engaging. With the addition of Project Lead the Way at the middle school this school year, the district now offers the engaging program at each level, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students who are interested in Career and Technical learning have options at Hart Career Center ranging from Diesel Mechanics to Graphic Arts. The district recently expanded foreign language into the middle school and offers numerous Dual Credit and Advanced Placement courses for high school students to get a head start on college credits. The desired outcome is to be able to provide an experience to each student who walks the halls of a district school to be able to connect with something of interest that, in turn, creates a positive school experience.

The administrators, teachers, and sponsors would be thrilled to have every student involved in some group or activity for the 2018-19 school year. Please encourage the young people who attend our school to get involved and support our efforts to provide a great experience for all young people.