APR Results Mexico 59 IMPROVED!

APR Results Mexico 59 IMPROVED!
Posted on 11/15/2017
Photo of Dr. Templeton

Each fall the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) releases the Annual Performance Reports (APR) for each district in the state of Missouri. The report serves as a grade card for each district based upon that district’s performance in five categories: Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement, College and Career Readiness (CCR), Attendance and Graduation Rate. District receive a percentage score based on points earned out of a possible 140 points possible to determine the district accreditation status. Districts that earn a score of 70% or higher are considered fully accredited by the DESE.

Scores for the APR categories are earned through some combination of Status, Progress and Growth points. Status points are earned by averaging the performance of the three most recent years. This averaging ensures that district performance is consistent over time and does not swing greatly from year to year. Progress points are earned based on the improvement that a district shows over time. Finally, a district can earn growth points based on the improvement of individual students on English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments over time. This measure indicates that the district has impacted an individual student’s achievement as evidenced by a student scoring better than he or she has on previous state assessments.

The Mexico Public School District No. 59 earned an APR score of 91.8% for 2017. The APR is up from a score of 88.2% in 2016 and near our all time best score of 92.5% which was achieved in 2015. The results of the APR drive our improvement efforts for the year to come and help focus the development of the district’s strategic plan for improvement in the future. District and school level administration analyze the results of the APR to identify areas where there is a need to strengthen the work of educating students and preparing them for a future where they can experience success in college and/or in a career.

The efforts of the dedicated faculty, staff and administration of the Mexico Public Schools are reflected in the results of the most recent APR. The district is happy to report improvement in achievement and readiness as measured in the APR. There is still work to be done on this journey of providing an exceptional education for each student who enters the doors or a Mexico Public School, but the district is moving in the right direction. Efforts to increase school readiness through early childhood education is beginning to bare results for young learners. A commitment to proven early literacy strategies and a rigorous mathematics curriculum at each of our elementary schools is paying dividends. The middle school’s focus on attendance and employability skills imparts on students the importance of being present and ready to learn. Finally, the high school and career center are fostering college and career readiness by providing multiple opportunities for students to earn college credit and/or industry recognized credentials before they exit the halls of Mexico High School and Hart Career Center.

As the superintendent of Mexico Public Schools, I am excited about the possibilities for the our district. I believe that through determination, a commitment to the right work and a positive attitude we will achieve. We have two All Time Best performances to report from the fall athletic season. The best finish ever by our girls golf team and the best finish ever by a boys cross country runner. Congratulations to those student athletes and thanks to them for representing Mexico through hard work and a commitment to personal excellence.