Digital Books at MMS

Digital Books at MMS
Posted on 12/30/2020
From Jennifer Strunk, MMS Media Specialist

Mexico Middle School Library is partnering with JLG Digital to provide a streaming service for our students to use to help them with #MakingMindsStronger both at school and at home. This streaming service updates regularly with new content, so that our students always have access to something new to read or listen to!

We have purchased books for our library through Junior Library Guild for years, ensuring that our students have high-quality new books monthly that engage a wide variety of interests and reading levels. Many of their monthly selections are books that eventually are selected for state and national level awards.

To enjoy e-books and audiobooks through JLG’s digital services, MMS students simply need to go to and sign in with their school login credentials to be able to save their place, highlight text or search within a book. Our tech department has also placed a convenient link on their Chromebooks in the MMS Bookmarks folder, that takes them in as a “common user” with no login necessary.

Students have all had an opportunity to “test drive” this service on their Chromebooks at school during their last round of library visits. If your student loves this service, it can also be found in the Apple store and on Google Play for downloading onto their personal devices for reading/listening on the go! Our school subscription covers their use on any of their devices!

Happy reading/listening/making minds stronger!