Expect to Connect

Expect to Connect
Posted on 09/18/2019
From Marci Minor, Communications Coordinator

When I fired up my laptop at a local coffee shop to write this article, the WiFi automatically asked me to “Join the Network.” Then, a message next to it said, “Action needed.” So I clicked and was redirected to the website to hook up to WiFi and get my work done. 

At Mexico School District 59, we also want to encourage you to “Join the Network.” We know you want information to come to you directly; you don’t want to look for it. We all carry around a device where we can add reminders, get notifications, and connect with friends immediately. You expect to connect.

Because of this, our district has a variety of ways to reach parents. When there is information to share, we ask, “Who needs to know this, and how can we reach them?” Most of the time, we need to reach parents directly so we utilize our School Messenger system by email, text, and/or phone call; if it’s an emergency or school closing, our school families will receive all three. 

If you’re a grandparent, a local daycare provider, or a parent who is just tired of answering the question, “What’s for lunch tomorrow?,” you can download our free app in the Google Play or iTunes store by searching, “Mexico 59 School District.” You will receive notifications, including school closings, and you can also view the school calendar, news, lunch menus, and more. Another great feature is, even if you’re someone who doesn’t have Facebook, you can still view district Facebook posts in our app. 

If you do have social media, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each of these outlets reach a different audience. Most of our parents are on Facebook, but our students are on Instagram; many activities, sports, and teachers are on Twitter. Photos on these platforms give our parents a window into the classroom, and we love to see the reactions and shares!

Mexico School District is also thankful for our relationship with local media. The Ledger prints messages from our school team weekly on Wednesdays and works with us to provide other student learning and achievement accolades to our community. In addition, our local radio station, KXEO/KWWR, partners with us to live stream events as well as offer on air spots to our staff to promote the school. You can catch our school update on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. with Matt Pilger and myself on KXEO 1340AM.

Now that you’ve “Joined the Network,” I encourage you to take “Action Needed.” Parents can ensure contact information is correct by logging into the Parent Portal and reviewing addresses, phone numbers, and emails; we need to be able to reach you with school updates. Additionally, I encourage you all to follow our district, building, and classroom Facebook pages. Share our posts, comment on them, give them a “love!” And, probably the most important action needed from you is by word-of-mouth. Help us spread the good news of what’s happening at our school! 

Our students learn better when adults communicate well. As a district, we want to collaborate with you to ensure that you are a part of the learning process and are well-informed. A superintendent and leader in education, Joe Sanfelippo, often shares with his community, “People won’t change the way they talk about schools until we change the way we talk about schools.” So, I challenge you to expect to connect, and take action needed to share the great things you know are happening in our Mexico School District, where our mission is Teaching, Learning, Caring--just a little Mexico TLC! #MEX59TLC