Family Involvement

Family Involvement
Posted on 12/05/2018
From Rebecca Moppin-Bennett, Ed.S, McMillan Elementary Principal

Family. A simple word that encompasses love, support, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Involvement: the condition of participating in something. Did you know that together, these words can help create a path of success for students in K-12? Years of research continue to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that in order to succeed, students need the support of their family. 

Research by School Specialty (2017) on the importance of family engagement in education states, “Children whose parents emphasize the importance of hard work and learning are far more likely to develop the grit required to achieve higher education and career goals. Those who are read to at home recognize the alphabet earlier and have a significantly easier time transitioning to full literacy.

After children start school – whether in preschool, Kindergarten or even later – a parent’s role is to check in with the child about homework, encourage and enable reading and learning, and prove to the child that they will answer to the parent for poor performance in school. Kids whose parents model disinterest, on the other hand, will likely become disinterested themselves.”

We are blessed to live in a community with endless amounts of opportunities for family involvement - in and out of school. Even before students are enrolled in Kindergarten, there are Parents as Teachers events, programs at the local library and YMCA and family friendly events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and local churches. As students move into elementary, there are Parent Involvement Nights, PTO groups, Parent Teacher Conferences and numerous opportunities to volunteer and support the buildings. Later on, as students get older, there are Optimist and YMCA programs that provide chances for support and involvement. The opportunities continue to grow as students move through Middle School and High School. In fact, there are even events and chances to be involved that aren’t even mentioned, again, because we live in an amazing community that believes in the power of involvement. 

Be involved!