Gift of Time

Gift of Time
Posted on 12/19/2017
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The Gift of Time


The greatest gift that you can give to others and to yourself is time.  Embrace the gift of time whether you give it or receive it.  Philip Zimbardo


As we move closer to the Christmas holiday, many things become the focus of our attention - what gifts to buy, where to go, have we forgotten something?...... While these tasks begin with the best intentions, they can quickly overwhelm us and make us lose sight of what is most important.  We all enjoy opening bright and shiny gifts, but their luster quickly fades and they are often quickly discarded.  What will last within a lifetime of precious memories that cannot  be purchased, though, is the gift of time. 


How many times in our lives have we been asked by our loved ones to read a book together, build a snowman, cook a meal, play a game, or watch a movie, only to say “I don’t have enough time.”  The precious few minutes you allow for these simple activities can echo a lifetime of stories, laughter, and “remember when?” 


Unfortunately, we cannot capture time in a bottle, but we can capture memories during our time spent with others.  It has been said many times that a person’s life can be summed up by the dash between the date of their birth and the date of their death.  We can spend our dash thoughtfully or foolishly, lovingly or lonely, invest in it or squander it; but time will continue regardless of our choices.


While we cannot change the past, the future is up to us.  Starting today, ask yourself “Am I giving the gift of time?”  If you can answer yes, cherish every minute and continue to build on that strong foundation.  If your answer is no, don’t let another second go by where you can make a memory of a lifetime.  Your coworkers, your friends, your family, and most importantly your children, will thank you.


Merry Christmas,

Amber Crane