Home-to-School Connection

Home-School Communication-Critical for Success
Posted on 10/09/2019
From Dr. Larry Nelson, Assistant Superintendent
One important element of a highly effective school is a positive home-school relationship. At the heart of this element is communication. When there exists a triangular relationship between the school, home, and child, all the important stakeholders are winners. When there is communication flowing in both directions on this triangle, all participants feel more successful. Most importantly, the child is more connected to school and a more successful student when this triangle is effectively functioning.
Regular parent-teacher conferences for all families are an essential building block of home-school communication. Participating in a parent/teacher conference is one of the most important school activities in which a parent will be involved. Conferences are a time for both listening and sharing by the teacher and the parent. This time spent together can also reinforce the team approach to the child’s successful school experience.
Parent/Teacher conferences will take place at the Mexico Public School District throughout this week. Due to the importance of parent/teacher conferences, the district looks forward to having 100% participation at all parent conferences. There are late afternoon and evening times available to provide convenient times for working parents.
As parents prepare for parent/teacher conferences, there are three critical elements to each parent conference to keep in mind. These elements include effective listening by all involved, obtaining informative information both by the teacher and parents, and lastly maintaining the focus on what is in the best interest of each individual child. The foundation for the conference is based on the one thing all have in common, which is the child being successful at school and in his/her learning. Being prepared for a parent/teacher conference can make the conferences a rewarding experience. Take the time to be prepared for your child’s next conference. Please arrive on time and conclude the conference on time as the teacher is on a set schedule. Face-to-face communication between parents and teacher is critical to a child’s success. Take a moment to celebrate your children’s accomplishments as we work together to inspire all of our children to do their very best.
After parent/teacher conferences, stay in touch with your child's teacher. The constant communication between parents and teachers will help strengthen the parent-teacher partnership, and contribute to the child's success in school. When a child sees that parents and teachers are working together, the child will understand that his/her education is a top priority at school and at home.