Let's get ready for summer!

Let's get ready for summer!
Posted on 05/01/2019
When our students walk out of the doors on May 23, some will leave us until August. But what if there were opportunities to keep kids engaged in fun, extended learning activities?

Mexico Public Schools offers these types of activities during the Summer Learning Program; this specialized program is aligned with the Missouri Learning Standards with the purpose of increasing academic performance of our students. The program begins May 29 and runs through June 25. There are many different reasons for students to attend Summer School, some of these include: increased self-confidence, continue to develop learning skills, prevent significant learning loss, meet new friends, and get acclimated to new buildings and teachers!

The Elementary Summer Learning program is being offered at Hawthorne Elementary for grades K-2 and at Eugene Field Elementary for grades 3-5. The program has been designed to give students an opportunity to strengthen their literacy and math skills while participating in enrichment activities. Students will have an exposure to art, physical education, music, technology, and science daily. There will also be opportunities for students to learn about different topics that may be of interest, including photography, sports, cooking, computer programming, and more. Along with these exciting opportunities, the two elementary buildings and the Middle School will offer a variety of assemblies and field trips that will add fun and excitement for our students. 

The Secondary Summer Learning Program is being offered at the middle school and high school. The middle school program is designed to help students strengthen their literacy and math skills while providing elective enrichment courses that are not typically offered during the school year. The incoming sixth grade students will have opportunities to become acquainted with the rituals and routines of the middle school. High school attending students will be offered credit recovery as well as courses such as Personal Finance and Driver’s Education.  All kindergarten through 12th grade students will be provided breakfast and lunch at no cost.

Additional information about the summer learning program and enrollment can be obtained on our website. We encourage the students of Mexico Public Schools to participate in the Summer Learning Program and look forward to working with a community dedicated to our students’ ongoing success. Together, we can lessen the impact of summer learning loss and better prepare students for their next level of learning.