MHS: Balancing the Bulldog Education

MHS: Balancing the Bulldog Education
Posted on 12/19/2018
From Travis Blevins, MHS Assistant Principal 
If you’ve attended a home event or competition this season, you have likely witnessed not only the involvement of athletes on the court but students playing in the pep band, working in the concession stand, singing the national anthem, or cheering in the Dawg Pound. 

At Mexico High School, we continue to provide excellent academic learning opportunities in the classroom as well as offer a variety of extracurricular activities that allow for character development, build productive citizens, and enhance the educational learning experience. Students can participate in quiz bowl, yearbook, FFA, drama, any number of sports, and many other opportunities as well. Just like in the classroom, students learn and are able to sharpen their skills in different ways. Extracurricular activities can fit students’ personal interests and skill sets while pursuing their talents and passions. 

Data supports the fact that extracurricular involvement is linked to attendance, academic success, and school pride. A student who feels connected as a part of our school will want to be here. Additionally, extracurricular activities foster skill development such as resilience, hard work, and leadership. Time spent with a teacher sponsor or coach requires sustained attention to stay on task as well as provides feedback to grow as a person. Our teacher sponsors and coaches contribute directly to this process by their ability to create an environment of safety, value, and that failure is okay. College scholarship applications and local employers don’t just look at academic success but also inquire about extracurricular involvement in school. The ability to balance a schedule as well as stay resilient through failures is important in the real world. This all leads to a more well rounded student at MHS.

An important topic in schools around the country is to educate the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally; extracurricular activities fit perfectly into students’ daily learning and development. At MHS, we work to create college and career-ready students. Skills developed through extracurricular activities provide positive staff and peer relationships as well as opportunities for leadership and service to our Mexico community. 

Our students are able to demonstrate a talent as well as contribute value to others. Not only are MHS students participating in academic competitions, athletics, and clubs, but they may also be employed in our local community. Building transferable skills from the classroom to extracurriculars to the community provides a hands-on education all of its own.