Mexico ECC: First Stop for the Class of 2031

Mexico ECC: First Stop for the Class of 2031
Posted on 09/12/2018

From Kate Blessing, Director of Special Education and Early Childhood Center The Early Childhood Center (ECC) in Mexico has kicked off its second year in the new building connected to McMillan Elementary. The team has expanded to include an a.m. and p.m. Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Class, welcoming Angie Moeller as the new ECSE teacher.

With the new addition attached to McMillan, Joyce Fenner, Director of Food Services, was able to offer the Early Childhood students free breakfast for the morning classes and free lunch for the afternoon classes! Many thanks to McMillan’s food service team: Shonda Logerman, Twila Overton, Alice Doerge, and Tracey Darby for welcoming us into the cafeteria. The Early Childhood team would also like to thank Robert Cotton, Head Custodian, as 125 three- and four-year olds can make a bit of a mess when eating!

In other news, this summer and fall the ECC team worked together to reformat their basic skills assessment. These tech savvy ladies have realigned the progress report with a new look. The new assessment and progress notes include more specific information and separates three-year-old end-of-year criteria from four-year-old criteria in a more user-friendly presentation. We will be looking forward to feedback from our parents on the new format this October during parent/teacher conferences. The ECC always utilizes the information gathered from the assessments during shared planning. The data is considered for each pre-K student and used to keep them on track for learning and growing. In addition, teaching strategies and interventions are discussed to ensure the most effective teaching methods are implemented.

In the area of technology, a new Chrome Book portable lab was purchased for use in the technology stations! Recently during professional development training, Instructional Technologist Casey Echelmeier provided information on user effectiveness and ideas on how to efficiently use and incorporate the chrome book into weekly instruction.

Though we are in a new and beautiful building, each year the Early Childhood Center grows and space is a premium. The team continues to teach and expose their students to early literacy, math, science, and social interactions. As these students ready for kindergarten they will be well ahead of the curve after participating and completing the Mexico Early Childhood Center curricular expectations.