Mexico Music Festival Results

Mexico Music Festival Results!!!
Posted on 03/26/2018

Congratulations to the Mexico High School Chamber Choir on receiving an “EXEMPLARY (1)” rating and both Mexico High School Concert Bands (Red & Gray), who both received an "OUTSTANDING (2)" Ratings, at the MSHSAA State Large Group Music Festival at Mexico High School on Friday, March 23.

The MHS Vocal Music Director is Mrs. Julie Pappas.  

The MHS Band Directors are Mr. Josh Yancey, and Assistant Band Director is Mr. Wade Aldridge.


On Saturday, March 24, students from Mexico High School performed in the District Music Festival.

The following students earned an "EXEMPLARY (1)" Rating, and will advance to the STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL in Columbia on Thursday, April 26:

Elaina Grubb, Vocal Solo

Roxane Poncin, Vocal Solo

Sarah Kasubke, Vocal Solo

Gracelyn Penn, Vocal Solo

Miriam Gleeson, Vocal Solo

Jasean White, Vocal Solo

Abbie Smith, Vocal Solo

Steven Owings, Vocal Solo, Piano Solo, and Alto Saxophone Solo

The following students earned an "OUTSTANDING (2)" Rating, narrowly missing qualifying for the State Festival:

Maddie Walker-Karhoff, Vocal Solo

Andrew Stephens, Vocal Solo

Emily Chastain, Vocal Solo

Kate Nowlin, Vocal Solo

Morghan Rowe, Vocal Solo

Mixed Double Quartet: Betsy Pascoe, Tristyn Chase, Emily Chastain, Morghan Rowe, Jasean White, Matthew Huffman, Marquis Smith, and Steven Owings

Mixed Sextet: Gracelyn Penn, Sarah Kasubke, Janae Nunnelly, Elaina Grubb, Matt Kimbel, and Jackson Unger

Shannon Stice, Flute Solo

Mason Craig, Tenor Sax Solo

Matthew Sause, Tenor Sax Solo

Ethan Prior, Mallet Percussion Solo

A.J. Vittone, French Horn Solo

Steven Owings, Tenor Saxophone

Geoffrey Penn, Trumpet Solo

Noah Harlan, Euphonium Solo

Lacy Schoneboom, Clarinet Solo

The following students earned a "SATISFACTORY (3)" Rating:

Kenzi Welch, Vocal Solo

Briona Parrot, Flute Solo

No students from Mexico earned a “DEVELOPING (4)” or an "INEFFECTIVE (5) Rating.

MSHSAA Defines the Ratings for music festivals as follows:

Exemplary (1) - An exemplary performance that consistently demonstrates true musical expression and few technical errors. The performance is worthy of the distinction of being recognized as among the very best.

Outstanding (2)  - An outstanding performance of distinctive quality yet has minor defects in musical expression and fundamental technique.

Satisfactory (3) - A satisfactory performance showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking consistency of musical expression and fundamental technique.

Developing (4)  - A developing performance indicating room for improvement in consistent musical expression and fundamental technique. Such a performance would include many technical errors, poor musical expression and ineffective use of existing instrumentation or choral voicing.

Ineffective (5) - An ineffective performance indicating obvious lack of overall preparation.