Military Services-College & Career Ready

Military Services-College & Career Ready
Posted on 09/28/2022

Preparation is What It Takes
By: Rebecca Moppin

 Preparation, by definition, is the action or process of making ready or being made ready. It is this definition that Mexico High School uses to create student-centered events that will ensure a stronger and healthier community for us all - not just for the next year, or even two years, but for long term sustainability and growth of our community, our county, even our state and country.

We are preparing students for a world of the unknown. When we work together to prepare students for their future, whatever that may look like, we can’t go wrong. Preparation isn’t just words, it’s actions at MHS. It’s the coordination and execution of events like Manufacturing Tours, College and Post-Secondary Fairs, Find Your Path events, even REALL simulations and Decision Days. It’s taking the time to celebrate what we have in our community through partnerships and collaborations with families and businesses through PEEC, Bright Futures, Military visits, Business sponsorships and the newly formed MHS Parent Council.

Preparation for the future goes beyond the classroom. It includes clubs, organizations, spirit days, plays, and athletics. It’s filling the seats in the auditorium with students for a play or cheering in the stands to support one another, volunteering to coach a team at the Y or reading with a younger student in Cadet Teaching. Preparation for the future, the life after MHS, doesn’t start as a Senior, it starts as a Freshmen. MHS is dedicated to molding, shaping and developing our young adults for four years. It looks like mentoring, tutoring, one on one conversations with students. It sounds like noise in the hallways and social groups eating at lunch. Preparation is the sound of success at MHS and it starts with all of us. Not just the faculty and staff, but the parents and families who support the students, the school and the people in it, the businesses who donate time and money, the students who dig deep and go farther than they ever thought possible.

Preparation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s teamwork. It’s dedication and it’s a community. It’s our community. It’s Mexico. 

If you are interested in more information on any of the programs listed, please contact Rebecca Moppin, College & Career Advisor at [email protected]