Our Plan On A Page

Our Plan On A Page
Posted on 05/02/2018
Mrs. Deb Haag

By: Deb Haag
Middle School Principal  

  This is the time of year when people naturally ask educators if they are counting down the days until summer. This always makes me chuckle because there is so much to do at the end of the school year, I often find myself wishing we had a few more days to squeeze in just a little more work.  At Mexico Middle School, we started MAP testing this week, we are in the midst of finalizing details for awards assemblies, and 8th grade promotion as, well as containing the end of year buzz of middle schoolers.  For over a month, we have also been looking forward to the 2018-19 school year as we develop our MMS Plan on a Page.

     Our Plan on a Page is our yearly building improvement plan that serves as our roadmap to making our building and students’ education stronger.  Our mission at MMS is Making Minds Stronger.  Each year we talk, as a building, about what that mission means and if it still applies to our work.  At this point, we agree that this still applies.  We feel like Making Minds Stronger really is a global statement.  We want everyone at MMS, from students to teachers, to be making their minds stronger by growing academically, physically, mentally, and socially.  Making Minds Stronger means we are focused on growth.  When an organization clearly understands their mission they are able to decide what goals they need to set in order to achieve their mission.

     Setting goals is the next step in development of our Plan on a Page.  As a building, we have started to review various pieces of student data including reading and math benchmark data, discipline referrals and attendance data.  We also spend time studying data collected from teachers’ observations as a group. Individually we reflect upon student survey data.  All of this information is used to help determine if our current building goals have been met or if they are on track to be met by the end of the school year.  If a goal is met then we collectively decide if we keep it and push for a higher success rate, or move on to another need of our students.  Historically, building goals have focused around reading improvement, behavior, and attendance. 

     Once we determine building goals that focus on the growth of our students, each of our professional learning communities (PLC) committees look at the systems we have in place that are  helping us meet our goals; as well as, obstacles that are preventing goal achievement.  Our PLCs include Grade-level Teams, Intervention PLC, Department Chair PLC, Positive Behavior Intervention Support PLC, Professional Development PLC, and Attendance PLC.  These PLCs then collaboratively examine what action steps they should be responsible for during the upcoming school year. They also give input for action steps that individual teachers are responsible for during the year.

     After the goals are determined and the action steps are in place, each educator at MMS studies our Plan on a Page. Suggestions are given and revisions are made as needed.  This building plan becomes the document we follow to help every MMS student and teacher make their minds stronger. Teachers use this plan as the basis for developing their professional development plans for the year in order to ensure increased student achievement. The action steps become how we will be Making Minds Stronger in 2018-19. 

     All of this planning for next year is happening in tandem with wrapping up the end of the year (and preparing for summer school).  It is certainly busy, but putting the work into the building improvement plan now means when we start school on August 15, 2018, Mexico Middle School will be Making Minds Stronger with a strong plan that puts students first!