Pioneers in Education

Pioneers in Education
Posted on 12/21/2022

What Does It Mean to Be a Pioneer in Education?
By: Christine Harper

            What does it mean to be a Pioneer in Education?  It means as an educator, you helped create a strong foundation for others to follow.  It means as an educator, you made such an impact in kids’ lives through your career and your service that you are remembered for many, many years to come.  It means as an educator, your fellow co-workers sought advice and help from you because they knew you wouldn’t lead them astray.  They trusted you completely to help them be better.  It means that no matter what position you held in education—school board member, superintendent, bus driver, paraprofessional, teacher, etc—you accepted every kid that walked in the door and they knew it and loved you for it.

            For decades, Pioneers in Education have paved the way for future educators.  Not with words but with actions.  These pioneers were givers, never asking for anything in return.  They loved their job in education wholeheartedly and people saw that every day.  These pioneers were dependable, positive, and truly loved what they did.  They were role models for staff and students each and every day they walked in the door or stepped on their bus or took their seat around the Board of Education table.

            For many years, Mexico Public Schools has recognized their own Pioneers in Education. Individuals who dedicated many hours to the students, parents, and community of Mexico over the years.  They were board members, teachers, custodians, etc and they devoted themselves to their jobs and to the success of all kids at Mexico Public Schools.  They truly showed the rest of us how it’s supposed to be done.  We are fortunate to have these folks pave the way for the future.

            This year’s recipients, like those of the past, are so well-deserving of this award.  They were dedicated, dependable, and gave 100% of themselves to education and to Mexico Public Schools.  Congratulations to:

                        Bev Borgeson

                        SueAnn Keith

                        Bernie Rothrock

                        Marquita Rothrock

                        Mitch Ridgway

                        Mary Lou Maupin

                        Sue Chitwood

            Thank you!  We appreciate all you have done to pioneer the way for the rest of us.