School Board Appreciation Week 2023

School Board Appreciation Week 2023
Posted on 03/08/2023

School Board Appreciation Week is March 6-12, 2023
By: Christine Harper

            The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has declared March 6-12, 2023 as School Board Appreciation Week.  When we talk about “our village” and all of the people that make a school district what it is, our Board of Education is right at the heart of that village.  These seven members devote countless hours to our school district, our staff, and our students.  They are responsible for knowing and understanding so many aspects of education and then using that knowledge to make the best decisions for the district.  It is sometimes a position that is thankless and can be negatively charged, yet these folks show up month after month with positive attitudes and intentions.  Without these folks, a school district cannot move forward.  This week we say THANK YOU! Thank you for devoting your time, your energy, your positive attitude, and your thoughtful decision-making.  Thank you for always trying to make decisions that are in the best interest of students and staff.

            Responsibilities of the Board of Education include:

  • Establishing the goals and vision of the district, with input from the community, and evaluates the results.
  • Develops and approves rules to help schools operate for student success.
  • Supervises and evaluates the Superintendent.
  • Approves the budget proposed by the Superintendent and ensures funding supports district goals.
  • Shares district information with local legislators and the community to secure resources for student success.

The job of a school board is ultimately making decisions based on what is best for all students.  At the heart of our district is a group of people that take their responsibility seriously and truly have what is best for this district and its people and its students at the forefront.  And we are extremely grateful for each and every one of them and the time they devote to helping make Mexico Public Schools one of the best.

Current Mexico School District BOE Members:
Keith Louder-President
Nicole Jahn-Vice President
Kelli Teel-Treasurer
Todd Yager-Director
Scott Nichols-Director
Marci Orr-Director
Kara Clovis-Director