Student Success at MHS

Student Success at MHS
Posted on 01/06/2021
From Rebecca Moppin, Ed.S
Student Success and Behavior Management Coordinator
Mexico High School

January 11, 2020 - There are many days that I tell students ‘being a kid should not be hard.’ It’s a statement that I believe in wholeheartedly. It’s a small statement, but one that has begun to fortify a stronger bridge for the students within our district and community. One little statement, seven little words. 

One little statement, seven little words that have led to a reimagined position at MHS, the Student Success and Behavior Management Coordinator. When asked what my job entails, the answer is simple, I’m an everyday champion for kids, and I am blessed to be in a community that believes the same thing. The longer answer is that I work with everyone involved with kids (Teachers, Counselors, Administrators and families) to develop and implement proactive plans for students to find success, not only while they are at MHS, but when they leave the building and become part of the communities as adults. In addition, I work with those in the community to find and secure resources for students that will help support the idea that being a kid should not be hard.

One little statement, seven little words led to the creation of a new course this year at MHS called Essential Outcomes. The course is based on the Ruby Payne program, R Rules, which focuses on the growth and development of fundamental life skills in middle and high school with an ultimate goal of building stronger, healthier communities. Through the Essential Outcomes class, students focus on topics such as goal setting, understanding the world around them, relationships, resiliency and resources within themselves as well as their community. For example, during the first semester, students in the course brainstormed, collaborated and executed a community service project that resulted in multiple boxes of food and clothing being donated to The Help Center. Students learned they have the power to leave their community, and their world, better than they found it. 

One little statement, seven little words has led to initiatives being developed to help our students succeed, in and out, of MHS. Initiatives such as participation with the Mexico Sustainability Project, where leaders of the community come together to collaborate on ideas to make Mexico stronger for everyone. Participation means opportunities, opportunities means resources, and resources equal choices for all. Another initiative is the formation of a Trauma Team, a team dedicated to meeting the trauma needs of MHS. Through a deeper understanding of what trauma means, we can work together to create solutions that work for our students and our community. When we think about our community, another initiative was born through the creation of a Mexico Employs Job Board, specifically for MHS students looking for jobs, but may struggle with ideas of where to look. These, along with our data driven approach for being proactive, and continued work with the MHS Bright Futures Site Council, lead to opportunities to make a difference for students who otherwise would continue to struggle. 

One little statement, seven little words has provided new opportunities and resources for MHS because being a kid should not be hard. If you would like to know more about the initiatives listed or be a part of them, you can contact me at [email protected]