Supporting Teacher Development

Supporting Teacher Development
Posted on 03/28/2018
Casey Echelmeier

Mexico Public School District supports teacher growth and professional development to improve instructional strategies that benefit all students within the classroom.  New Teacher Mentors and District Instructional Coaches work daily, with building administrators and content specialists, to provide opportunities for continued teacher growth.

Every year, new teachers to the Mexico Public School District, receive professional development before the start of the school year to ensure they are familiar with district curriculum teaching requirements and expectations for student learning.  Through required all-day workshops during the summer and monthly after school meetings, first and second year teachers receive additional opportunities for professional growth that work toward student learning and achievement. New Teacher Mentors also offer strategies for teacher growth through classroom observations throughout the school year.

Mexico Public School District also provides all teachers opportunities for professional growth in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) instruction by the district Math and ELA coaches.  Through classroom observations, modeled lessons, co-teaching opportunities, and monthly grade level meetings, teachers have access to instructional strategies and embedded professional development that support research and evidence-based instruction in these content areas, and also help to meet the needs of all classroom students.  Ideas for classroom instruction, possible strategies to boost student critical thinking, and possible instructional support for struggling learners are just a few ways these coaches, along with content specialists within the buildings, help Mexico teachers grow professionally.

The District Instructional Technology Facilitator also works to support teachers in instructional strategies that effectively integrate the district’s technology resources within classroom instruction.  Through monthly grade level and department meetings, classroom modeling and co-teaching, online professional development cohorts, as well as other district professional development opportunities, all teachers are introduced to new resources and instructional strategies that help students develop into 21st century learners.  

Increased student achievement is the goal for Mexico Public Schools.  Having mentors and instructional coaches, working closely with administrators, and available for all teachers, helps to ensure every student is receiving what they need to grow academically and helps to promote future student success.