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Textile Program Gets New Life
Posted on 09/02/2021

New Computerized Equipment Brings Life to a Useful Skill

By:  Sarah Gooch

Business Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator and FBLA Adviser at MHS

 Sewing by hand is something some of us have probably watched our mothers and /or grandmothers do on a daily basis.  We watched them sew a hole in a sock, patch the knee of a pair of jeans, or craftily piece together quilt blocks that miraculously became a beautiful piece of art.

 When the Fashion, Textiles, and Design program started two years ago, it had been over 30 years since there was a sewing program at MHS.  The Mexico community has supported this program through local grants and generous donations of fabrics, machines, and sewing supplies for the classroom. The Fashion program has received over $75,000 in total contributions. We appreciate the numerous organizations and individuals that have supported this program and our students!  Two large grants that have helped to make this course a reality are the Anna Margaret Griffin Family Foundation and the Miriam A. Edmonston Charitable Foundation to purchase the state-of-the-art computerized sewing machines and the commercial embroidery machine.  

 The Fashion, Textiles, and Design program has grown rapidly in its young existence. The enrollment has increased three-fold, from 13 students in the first year to 39 students last year and well over 50 requests for this year.  Space is limited, therefore, not all requests can be accommodated.  

 When I watch students in this program, their transformation as a student learning a new skill is fun to watch.  When students create with their hands, they have a sense of accomplishment. They build their skill level and their confidence at the same time. Students are energized and encouraged when they see their new skills take form into a finished product. The enthusiasm that the students have for this skill is amazing and their curiosity for higher level sewing skills continues to grow.  The skills they are learning in this class will help them throughout their lives. Not only will they have knowledge of sewing, but they will also build their self-confidence, enhance their fine motor skills, improve their focus and concentration, and learn to develop their problem solving skills and patience.

 Students use applied math skills, reading skills, problem solving, creative thinking, pattern drafting, pattern reading, ingenuity, and perseverance. Through this class, the students will create masks, pincushions, potholders, placemats, pillowcases, aprons, and zippered pouches.  They will design and sew Christmas decorations, bags, pajama pants, and other clothing. Students will also alter, recycle, and repair current clothing.

 If you are interested in following the students and their skills in sewing, check out the Mexico High School Facebook page for photos and updates on the class.