Thankfulness in the Education World

Thankfulness in the Education World
Posted on 11/16/2022

Thankfulness in Education
By: Christine Harper

            Although we should be thankful all year long, we are in the season where people take a minute and reflect on life and everything we are grateful to have.  So, I took a few minutes to reflect on what we have in education to be thankful for.  The list is pretty extensive.

            I am thankful for a community that is so giving and supportive of our district and the students we serve.  Through our partnership with Bright Futures and the many businesses, organizations, and individuals around town that so willingly give of their time and money, our district and its students are blessed.  We are the recipients of such giving hearts and we thank you.

            I am thankful for a Board of Education and district staff who work diligently every day to take care of kids.  Educators have the most giving hearts and work tirelessly every day to make sure the people they work for are taken care of, a lot of times at the expense of their own self- care.  We thank you for everything you do on a daily basis.

            I am thankful for the families who support what we do.  Every day, you send us your most precious gift, and every day, our staff is doing what they can to teach and take care of that gift.  We appreciate the support you give us that helps us be the best we can be for your children.

            I am thankful I chose such a rewarding career.  Like life, it’s had its ups and downs, but I don’t regret the choice I made 30 years ago to be a part of a system that focuses on people, especially people that are the future.  I am thankful I had the opportunity to give back and hope that I, like many, many, many educators before me, made a difference.