Town Hall Meeting Recap

Town Hall Meeting Recap
Posted on 11/19/2018
Last week, the Board of Education held a Town Hall meeting to gain insight from patrons on possible elementary reconfiguration. Approximately 90 attendees gathered for a short, opening presentation from Superintendent Zach Templeton followed by table-top discussions in three rounds: 

Round 1: The board is considering elementary reconfiguration to one PreK-K building at McMillan and two, grade 1-5 buildings housed at Eugene Field and Hawthorne. What do you see being “pros” of this proposal? What do you see being the challenges?

Round 2: The board is considering expanding the early childhood program. This may include accepting three-year olds. Last year's PreK waitlist included 30 students. What are your thoughts on expanding the early childhood program at McMillan? What do you see as challenges?

Round 3: Boundary maps are available at your tables with current transportation student numbers. What solutions would you suggest to create equitable enrollment for two, grade 1-5 buildings? What do you foresee as challenges?

Some feedback was also offered throughout the evening. Other feedback

Notes from the attendees can be viewed by clicking on the links above. The next regular session Board of Education meeting is Tuesday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m.

The purpose of the Town Hall was to continue to gather feedback from parents and community through face-to-face conversations. Prior to the Town Hall, the district released a short survey to elementary parents. The Mexico School Board has researched the topic of reconfiguration for several years, primarily to create equitable class sizes amongst the three schools.