Volunteerism is the Foundation of our Community

Volunteerism is the Foundation of our Community
Posted on 02/13/2019
From Mrs. Deb Haag, MMS Principal

February gives us the opportunity to witness what Missouri can do; this winter it has been a little too impressive! In February, we celebrate love and Black History, and it is also when our district takes pause to thank our board members.  

When we think about our Board of Education, this quote from Marjorie Moore exemplifies their work, “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” This group of seven volunteers may be voted into their role but they are not paid.  They serve fine examples of the many volunteers in the Mexico community that make a difference.

Dustin Pascoe, Scott Hobbs, Brian Rowe, Nate Birt, Scott Nichols, Heather DeMint, and Kelli Teel spend the third Tuesday of the month meeting on the policies and procedures and celebrating accomplishments of students and teachers in the district. It’s a huge job, and it doesn’t just include their once a month meeting. They are on the job at every sporting event they attend, when they do their shopping, and when they go out to eat. You see, they are asked about our schools all the time. They field phone calls regularly about a multitude of issues. They are given opinions in regards to patrons’ suggestions constantly. They then have to make decisions for our district that most favorably affect our children while taking in the opinions of all their constituents. This is a huge responsibility.

Mexico District 59 is quite thankful for our Board of Education. We have a great appreciation for their work for our students and staff. We celebrate their hours of volunteering at meetings and outside of the board room. We thank them for taking the time to read and study monthly and annual reports. We know they spend time synthesizing all kinds of information from patrons of the district in order to make the best decisions for our kids. For this, we honor you: Mr. Pascoe, Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Birt, Mr. Nichols, Mrs. DeMint, and Mrs. Teel. Thank you for voting for our students; thank you for voting for our community as you serve Mexico, Missouri!