What Do I Need For School?

What Do I Need For School?
Posted on 08/03/2022

What I Need For School
By:  Kennedi Rowe, MHS Class of 2023

        As the beginning of the school year gets closer as a student, I begin focusing on the materials and information I need to be successful in school. The main things to focus on are physical, mental, and school being your first priority.           
A student's physical needs in the school environment are school supplies. The specific materials needed for high school are a big notebook, number two pencils, and folders. These items allow you to be ready as the school year approaches.  School supply lists for elementary and middle school students can be found online and at the local stores.  Another physical need in school is if you are a student-athlete, be sure to bring extra clothes and any equipment you need for your after-school activity. Finally, you must be ready for your sport. It shows your coach that you are coachable as an athlete. Another physical need for school is wearing the proper shoes for your PE class. As you go through each grade, you will have a PE class. To participate in PE, you must wear or have extra tennis shoes. These physical needs in the school environment allow you as a student to be ready physically for school.
Being mentally ready for school means having a positive attitude throughout the school year. A positive attitude is the game changer that sets your school year to making new friends and meeting new people. A negative attitude can cause you to dislike every moment. Throughout my three years as a student at Mexico High School and having a positive attitude with each new school year, I have gained new friends and memories to look back on as I approach my senior year. A way to get into the mood of going to school is getting a good night's rest and having a good breakfast in the morning. The steps to having a good mental state for the school year are to have a positive attitude, a good night's rest, and an excellent breakfast to start the day. Doing these steps can also improve your school work ethic to gain good grades.
Being a student, you have to realize that school comes first, because the key to getting through school is being able to focus on your teachers and prioritize your work. But, as a student, school does not just come first; it is also your job. Therefore, your responsibility as a student is to be able to put your best work into your school work to pass your classes. In addition, if you are in a school sport or activity, you must prioritize your school work as a student-athlete so your sport does not interfere with your school. Finally, if you struggle with a class or classes, someone is always willing to step in and help if you ask. But as a student, it is your job, along with the teachers, to ensure that you understand the material.  
The necessities in the school environment are physical, mental, and knowing that school is your job. Each of these should give students an idea of what they need and should expect from themselves approaching the school year. In addition, what you need for not just high school but for any grade level is a positive mindset and a good work ethic to have a successful school year.