Photos by David Pickering

Order MHS Softball Jackets

Click here to order MHS Softball Jackets, 3 Styles. 

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Online registration to begin July 28th

Mexico School District will have online registration for the 2016-2017 School Year July 28th through August 7th, 2016. Parents of returning students should log into their  parent portal account and click on the “Online Registration” button to complete this process.  

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Mexico High School Student receives National Journalism/Broadcasting Award

Mexico High School media and journalism student Ms. Carrie Rebecca “Becca” Kristofferson has been notified she will be awarded the  Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism in the category of high school broadcasting. Each year, one national award is presented in the category of high school broadcast journalism.

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MHS performs at MSHSAA State Music Festival

Congratulations to the following Mexico High School Students, who performed at the MSHSAA State Music Festival at The University of Missouri - Columbia on Thursday, April 28.

The following students earned an "EXEMPLARY (1)" Rating, earning top Medalist Honors:

Sarah Kasubke, Vocal Solo
Steven Owings, Vocal Solo
Gracelyn Penn, Vocal Solo

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Mexico Public Schools, Eugene Field Elementary, in particular, are seeing an outbreak of flu right now. This week, attendance at Eugene Field has dipped to nearly 70%. So far, the illness has not spread widely to the other buildings, though it may as students and parents interact around town. 

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