School Board Appreciation Week

It's School Board Appreciation Week
Posted on 03/09/2022

School Board Appreciation Week is March 6-12, 2022
By: Christine Harper

            The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has declared March 6-12, 2022 as School Board Appreciation Week.  When we talk about “our village” and all of the people that make a school district what it is, our Board of Education is right at the heart of that village.  These seven members devote countless hours to our school district, our staff and our students.  They are responsible for knowing and understanding so many aspects of education and then using that knowledge to make the best decisions for the district.  It is sometimes a position that is thankless and can be negatively charged, yet these folks show up month after month with positive attitudes and intentions.  Without these folks, a school district cannot move forward.  This week we say THANK YOU! Thank you for devoting your time, your energy, your positive attitude, and your thoughtful decision-making.  Thank you for always trying to make decisions that are in the best interest of students and staff. 

Our seven, elected school board members are dedicated, insightful folks, and I asked each of them what they consider to be the most important job of a school board member.  This is what they had to say:

Todd Yager:  The most important job as a school board member is actually a very simple answer:  Make decisions with common sense! If you always use common sense, then the students will constantly remain our top priority.  

Keith Louder:  I feel like the board is functioning at its best when it is unseen.  When the schools are running smoothly, then the board is just providing the support the administrative team needs to be successful.

Tom Allen:  To hire good people and to make fiscally sound decisions to support teaching and learning.

Kelli Teel:  I believe that one of the most important jobs as a school board member is to ask questions. We have been elected by the community to make informed decisions.  The board must make these decisions keeping in mind the benefit of the highest level of education possible for our students while using the funds provided to us by our tax payer's dollars wisely and efficiently.  We are likely not doing the research behind what has been brought before the board so it is our responsibility to ensure that the right questions have been answered to reach the best decision.

Marci Orr:  The most important role of a school board member is to champion our kids. This means the school board member supports the superintendent, who makes the best district decisions in partnership with administrators, who support the classroom teachers and building staff, who are the boots on the ground to support our kids each and every day. Championing our kids is a nexus of strong leadership, relationships, and resources.

Nicole Jahn:  The most important job as a school board member is to focus on serving all of the children in our district, every deliberation and vote must be centered on serving all students.

Heather Demint:  To work as a team with other board members and the district to focus on what is best for the students of the district and to openly communicate their vision for the district with the community. 

            Although each answer was different, at the heart of it is a group of people that take their responsibility seriously and truly have what is best for this district and its people at the forefront.  And we are extremely grateful for each and every one of them.