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2024-2025 Mexico Public Schools Board of Education

Jessica Ekern, President
Term Ends: April 2026

Nicole Jahn, Vice President 
Term Ends: April 2025

Michelle Stephens, Treasurer
Term Ends: April 2027

Scott Nichols, Director
Term Ends: April 2025

Mathew Pilger, Director
Term Ends: April 2026

Chris Williams, Director
Term Ends: April April 2027

Lennette Brown, Director
Term Ends: April 2026

  • GOALS. The board establishes the goals and vision of the district, with input from the community. 

    POLICY. The board develops and approves rules to help schools operate for student success.

    SUPERINTENDENT. The only employee the board supervises and evaluates is the district superintendent. Day-to-day school operations are delegated to the superintendent. 

    BUDGET. The board approves the budget proposed by the superintendent and ensures funding supports district goals. 

    ADVOCACY. The board shares district information with local legislators and te community to secure resources necessary for student success. 

  • The role of the District’s Board of Education is to govern the community’s public schools by making the major decisions for the District as a whole. The Board makes these decisions collectively, and individual Board members do not have the power to speak or act for the Board. 

    The Board, as a whole, by working with the superintendent, will make decisions that will best serve the District’s students and will govern the community’s schools. Accordingly, complaints or concerns made to a Board member will be referred to the appropriate District point of contact for resolution. 

  • The regularly scheduled meetings of the Mexico Public Schools Board of Education are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Meeting dates are subject to change. 

    The meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. and are held in the Central Office Board Room, 2101 Lakeview Road, Mexico, Missouri 65265.