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Hawthorne Elementary School (HAW)

Mrs. Katie Lehnen, Principal

Mr. Brett Davis, Assistant Principal

Brandi Schlemmer, Principal’s Secretary


1250 W. Curtis Street, Mexico 

573-581-3064 Phone  |  573-581-3065 Fax


SCHOOL DAY: 7:54 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

7:24 A.M. -- Car riders/walkers may enter building.
7:39 A.M. –  Morning meeting begins in gym.
7:54 A.M. -- Class begins.
3:00 P.M. --  Students are dismissed.

For your child's safety:
Our entrance system will be consistently enforced.
All visitors use the buzz-in system at the front entrance.

If you have a change in how your child is getting picked up in the afternoon, it MUST be reported to the office by 2:30. Call the office secretary as soon as you know of the change.

Lunch Schedule

  • 2nd grade 10:45-11:05
  • 1st grade 11:10-11:30
  • 4th grade 11:35-11:55
  • 3rd grade 12-12:20
  • 5th grade 12:25-12:45