Swank K-12 Streaming


Swank K-12 Streaming makes it easy for teachers to incorporate movies and documentaries into lesson plans.

An important reminder to not be using personal streaming accounts like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ should also be noted.

Please bookmark this website, Swank K12 Streaming. Once you are there click log in with Google and log in with your school email address and password.

Our swank library consists of 215 of the most requested K-12 movies. We also have the ability to request titles and be added to our library. Once you find a movie you would like to request, you will want to click on the request button and fill out the form, example below. Be sure to allow up to 48 hours for the movie to become available in our library.

Due to the DRM, Digital Rights Management, you can not play these directly from the Panels, you will have to use the HDMI cable you picked up with your laptop and plug the laptop into the front HDMI port and stream from the laptop, and display on the panel.

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