Resilience and Thanksgiving

Resilience and Thanksgiving
Posted on 11/25/2020
From Christina McCaw, Director of Behavioral Health

November 25, 2020 - This holiday season, like everything else during this pandemic year, may be filled with changes and tough choices.  Even though this school year has brought challenges and changes for the adults and students in every building we see the resilience and gratitude for each day that we have been able to be in session and working with each other. Giving thanks is one of the oldest concepts in society and the Thanksgiving holiday, which is centered on gratitude and recognizing the goodness in our lives, is yet another part of our world that has been impacted by the pandemic. This year is no different than years past - we have so much to be thankful for. 

Being grateful is a free mindfulness practice to help us cope with anxiety and uncertainty by focusing on what we value, what is in our control, and what we can give back. Expressing gratitude toward others can result in a tremendous impact on their well-being. It  also enhances our own well-being, which allows us to focus in the moment on what we appreciate and brings us joy and happiness. Showing gratitude has been known to help kids (and adults) become more resilient through tough times. Thinking of and sharing with each other the many things we have to be grateful for this year is an important way to focus on the good.  

Resilience is a skill we can help children build by using connections, routines, and traditions. Daily we witness teachers and staff helping students navigate their days using routines. Keeping those routines and expectations the same will help students build resilience and capacity in their own confidence. Our students have proved their resilience as they have navigated to online learning and through the process of learning how to keep the connections with their teachers through this, hopefully brief, separation from being at school and in seat.  We have seen this last week as students have joined their teachers online class sessions the importance of the connections that have been made and keeping communication open as we are apart. 

Just as it is important for us as a school to keep connections with our students, it is also important for us as families to find ways to stay connected with family and friends as we are challenged with changes to our regular routines and traditions of gathering for the holiday. There are many ways to keep traditions alive and modified for the gatherings as we practice social distancing and navigate through the holiday during a pandemic. As you gather, remember that traditions and routines are keys to the connections that build resilience in us all! 

While we are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday we hope everyone takes time to rest, relax and reflect on all of the great things that have happened so far this year. We look forward to working together through the challenges and changes to finish the semester strong, healthy and connected.