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Are You Ready, Class of 2023?
Posted on 10/31/2022

Are You Ready, Class of 2023?
By: Christine Harper

            The parents of the Class of 2023 got their first glimpse into some of what the next steps are for their soon-to-be graduates.  On October 10th, MHS held a Senior Parent Night that included information about A+, financial aid, college applications, and much more.  A list of “Important Dates” was also given.  So many things starting to happen for these future graduates!

A+ Scholarship Information:

  • Keep track of your progress on the A+ requirements.
  • A+ tutoring hours need to be completed by May 11th.
  • Notify the MHS Counseling Office by May 1 to use A+ funds.
  • Verify A+ status with post-secondary institution.
  • A+ recognition scholarship—several 4-year colleges & universities in Missouri offer an A+ recognition scholarship.

Financial Aid Questions to Ask:

  • What percentage of students receive scholarships based on academic ability?
  • What are the financial aid application procedures and deadlines?
  • Is there a tuition payment plan?
  • Are there campus jobs available?
  • When do bills have to be paid?
  • What are room and board costs?
  • Are there other fees?

College Applications:

  • College applications should be submitted through the school’s website.
  • Recommendations may be requested—give the teacher or counselor 2 weeks notice and providing a resume or list of activities, honors, & awards would be helpful to them when writing the recommendation.
  • Transcript requests are submitted online through the link on the Counseling website (also sent every Friday through email).
  • Pay attention to the admissions requirements for the college/school/program that the student in considering.
  • If the student is planning to attend college on an athletic scholarship, he/she may need to register on the NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse and follow the procedures to be eligible.

Local Scholarships:

  • The local scholarship book will be emailed to seniors in January.The due date for all local scholarships is March 15th @ 4:00
  • The first step in applying for financial aid is filling out the FAFSA form through the US Department of Education.
  • Use a personal email address; NOT your school email address
  • Narrow the list to just a couple of schools before filling out the FAFSA.
  • Check with the schools for the dates they require the FAFSA to be completed.For example, Mizzou FAFSA deadline is January 7th.
  • Extra resources—

Seniors, you are not alone in this journey!  You have parents, grandparents, counselors, teachers, and administration to help you along the way!  Stay ahead of those deadlines so you can enjoy your Senior year!